Classic WBS.NET

WBS Classic is an homage to and revival of the cutting edge and immensely popular WebChat Broadcasting System (WBS.NET) chat community site of the mid-1990s by WebChat Communications Inc.

WBS was bought by Infoseek and soon after by Disney’s Go Network which dismantled the site in late 1999 and left millions of WBSers disenfranchised. In the decade that followed many upstarts have stepped in and tried to fill the void left in the wake of WBS’s premature demise, including our own Endless Rant project, but ultimately failed to recreate the fundamental essence that was WBS. But interest in and demand for WBS endured. WBS Classic is a serious effort to finally meet that demand.

This initial beta release is aimed at old school WBSers. It features …

* Streaming web chat including auto scrolling, private messaging, images, taglines and text options.
* Over 260 original WBS.NET chat rooms and 19 chat hubs.
* Free member registration.
* Member to member messaging.
* Member profiles.
* Layout and design based on the original WBS.NET.

Absent this release but forthcoming are private rooms. Member homepages and community newsletters are now better served by other online resources and there are no plans to implement these in WBS Classic.

This project is made possible thanks to contributors including Bob Lash, the former CTO of WebChat Communications Inc., who we were honored to hear from.