Syphon News

Content aggregator and something of a custom portal developed to consolidate resource updates in one auto-updating, self-scrolling or streaming interface rather than unnecessarily wasting time, regularly bouncing around between multiple sites (or apps), manually picking through various layouts for new content.

The idea behind Syphon harkens back to a simpler time when the newspaper was delivered daily on the doorstep and read while enjoying a relaxing breakfast. In that spirit, users select or add sources they wish to receive updates from, set up pages and assign these sources to various display spaces within those pages. From then on, updates from those sources are automatically delivered to those pages and automatically scrolled or streaming through, leaving the user’s hands free to do other things such as prepare or eat breakfast while glancing over their latest updates, interacting with those articles the user wants more information on.

Syphon utilizes the same technology that social media sites use to construct page previews shared over their services but without anyone required to have manually shared the article and without all the drama of the comments section. Articles are displayed according to simple sorting rules rather than mysterious, complex algorithms that tend to bury content that isn’t regularly interacted with on social media. The point of Syphon is that a user doesn’t have to interact with it for it operate predictably as expected.

The initial version launches with support for receiving updates from RSS, ATOM and YouTube sources with ability to read additional formats and services planned for future releases. A media streaming display option plays video and audio content attached to articles.