BurningMoth.com Updated To WordPress

As we’ve done for many of our clients to date, BurningMoth.com has been updated to the WordPress platform.

Previous versions of this website have run on everything from static HTML to Drupal to custom frameworks, the last being our Cozmos framework which, while being novel at the time (2010), proved increasingly tedious to update. A problem that WordPress solves out the box. Additionally, WordPress is highly customizable, enjoys broad industry support, frequent updates and a much-appreciated depreciation policy that provides developers like us ample lead time to revise code accordingly as the platform continues to evolve.


We’ve taken this opportunity to force into action our Stratus theme framework that’s been in development for awhile now. Among several other essential features, Stratus extends theming beyond WordPress’ parent/child restriction to plugins. As proof of concept, our previous Cozmos theme module, Ember, has been ported to a WordPress plugin extending our base Stratus theme with custom templates, widgets, menus, styles, post types and permalinks that the site currently uses.