WooCommerce Multiple Carts Per User 1.6 Update

Changes in version 1.6
* Feature: Synchronize carts sessions by pass phrase or user account.
* Feature: Settings to sync carts or display account features (orders, downloads) at the user or cart level.
* Feature: Setting to prevent customers from being able to access/update the user account they’re logged into.
* Feature: Orders associated with a deleted cart are moved to the current cart.
* Updated: Admin Toolbar and Widget UI overhauled.
* Updated: Compatibility with WordPress 4.5 and WooCommerce 2.6.
* Updated: Titles appended with current cart name indicating pages operating at the cart level.
* Fixed: Downloads now display at cart level.
* Fixed: Carts functionality now deactivated when user is logged out.
* Issue: Shipping and billing information updates at the user rather than cart level on checkout.