BurningMoth.com “Ember” Revision

We are pleased to announce revision no. 5 of our web site, BurningMoth.com, that we’re calling “Ember.”

Ember was inspired, in part, by the clean, easily navigated and otherwise pleasing layout of the recently redesigned Lewis County Washington homepage. Borrowing on their ideas, we warmed up the design and injected it with a healthy dose of jQuery to smooth animation, skin forms (in modern browsers) and facilitate AJAX page loading. Browsers supporting the CSS @font-face rule will see the site rendered with the nicely anti-aliased Bitstream Vera Sans font the way it was meant to be. The search feature implements Yahoo!’s robust and very cool, web dev friendly YQL API. The foundation is built on the latest iteration of our inhouse CozmoS™ RAD framework and we opted for the more portable Sqlite database format over the more powerful mySQL this time.

The result is a more comfortable user experience that is simple to understand, easy to navigate and soft on the eyes. Ember has a semi-scalable wide-format layout adaptable to different screen sizes, prints conservatively, is mobile-ready for handheld devices and regresses nicely for older Internet Explorer and script disabled browsers.