Drupal is a powerful content management system (CMS) and suitable framework for web logs (blogs), social networking sites, news portals and image galleries to name a few. Drupal works right “out of the box” but customization beyond its core facilities requires extending its functionality with themes and modules which can become a very involved and complex process.

Theme Design. Due to it's flexible nature, theming Drupal offers unique challenges. As both designers and developers we are able to customize not just how everything looks on your Drupal site but how it works as well. We can resolve problems with how your theme displays in different browsers, theme an installed module to match your site, convert an existing theme or template to use with Drupal or design a custom, made-to-order theme.

Module Development. Drupal modules extend its functionality. There are many fine modules available for Drupal for free. But if you find that you need something more unique to fit your particular needs we can build modules specialized to meet those needs.

Configuration & Troubleshooting. Drupal's strength is in it's thousands of contributors from around the globe but not all of their contributions necessarily play well together. There may be other issues arising from various host server technologies and configurations. Whatever problems or needs you have with your Drupal-powered site we can reach a solution that meets your requirements.

Drupal's power may be wasted on smaller, simpler websites better served using the WordPress publishing platform.